Tranquility Lashes Services

Welcome to a New Era in Beauty

No longer do women need to spend countless hours doing their makeup. No longer do women have to enslave themselves in front of the mirror fighting with their mascara wands. No more mascara clumps, eye irritation, smearing, smudging, running, or "bad mascara days." No longer do you have to deal with the mess of cleaning off all that gunk at the end of the day when all you really want to do is sleep.

Welcome to Tranquility Lashes
Here you’ll find a refuge not only from the hassles of daily mascara use, but the hassles of every day life. We invite you to our meditative, restful environment near downtown San Diego where you can replenish your energy while one of our expert designs and applies your personalized set of eyelash extensions.

With the look and feel of natural eyelashes, our eyelash artistry will redefine your eyes, making them appear more alert and inviting.

Wake Up Gorgeous and Ready to Go
Goodbye Mascara... Hello Tranquility.